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How to show you care when you're socially isolating

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It's tough out there at the moment and lots of us are thinking about not only how to best look after ourselves, but also how we can look out for one another. 

We might not be meeting a friend for coffee, gathering the whole family together for Sunday lunch, or catching up with colleagues in the office over the coming weeks and months, but there's still plenty of ways to show we care whilst social distancing. 

Here at Nuzest, we believe in taking care of one another and making it as easy as possible for those we love to stay healthy and happy so we've pulled together some of our favourite ideas for how to stay connected when socially isolating. 

Pick up the phone

Not being able to meet face-to-face doesn't mean we are limited to a quick text or message. Taking some time to connect on the phone (or better still, Skype/Facetime) lets our friends and family know we are there for them and value connecting with them. 

Check-in regularly

Life is busy and it's easy to get caught up in all the things, but reaching out and finding way to help our friends and family can make a big difference, especially for those who are more vulnerable. Arrange for groceries to be delivered for elderly relatives or send an audiobook to a friend to keep them entertained. 

Send treats

There's so many places offering healthy, delicious and indulgent treats online now, from snack packs to yummy cacao bars to healthy cocktails, or 'compilation boxes' full of the latest interesting brands. Give out treats and see what treats come back! 

Do stuff together

Just because we're not in the same space doesn't mean we can't share experiences. Get a group together, pick a time and share some experiences. Favourite film night? Grab some popcorn. Yoga session? Roll out the mats. Dinner party? Choose a recipe, all make the same thing and share the experience remotely. 

Just be there

One of the things all of us love about working at Nuzest is we get to see time and time again how people aren't just focused on their own health but are so often out there helping others. We're all better together. Let's look after each other and it won't be long before we're all out there meeting, hugging, chatting and being face to face. 

Send a care package

If you want to do something nice for a friend or family member and help them maintain some healthy habits, send them a Nuzest care package! We've bundled some of our favourite products together with 30% off. Just add your care package to your basket, pop your friend or family member's address in the shipping information and we'll take care of the rest. 


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