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Supporting our customers and community

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Hey Nuzest friends,

Greetings from Nuzest Europe.

We are living through challenging times. Covid 19 has now been defined as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation. It is already impacting on lives and livelihoods around Europe. 

Firstly we want to send good wishes, comfort and support to anyone already affected by the virus. 

We also want to send our support and admiration to anyone at the frontline for caring for and supporting people. We’re inspired to see how communities are coming together to look after one another and to deal with the situation as it emerges. 

We’re trying to do all we can as a brand and organisation to play our part in minimising the impact the virus may have as well as to prevent disruptions to our customers. 

Here are some of the things we’re doing to try to protect our team, community and customers:

Looking after our team and partners

We have initiated a home working policy for our team members and are making sure we look after the health and wellbeing of our team in the home working environment. We’ve also suspended non essential travel, meetings and events. 

Ensuring you safely receive your orders

We are working closely with our distribution and shipping partners to help them protect the health and wellbeing of their staff and do what they can to minimise impact and disruption. They are initiating a home working policy for office and account management staff and following guidelines to reduce any risks for warehouse and delivery staff. At present we will aim to provide our usual level of service and delivery times. However we cannot ignore the unprecedented nature of the situation and we cannot necessarily guarantee normal operations. It is possible we will see disruption and delays to service deliveries in the ensuing weeks. This may be due to Government action, action by our warehousing and delivery partners, impacts on public transport and school closures etc. We recognise that our retailers are in the front line of these challenges and will do all we can to support them and will provide immediate updates as the situation evolves or changes. 

Supporting our customers and community

We are a health and wellbeing brand and hope that inspiring more people to follow a healthy lifestyle with good nutrition, sleep and movement helps people build their resilience. Our priority will be to encourage people to follow the advice of health authorities and agencies to look after themselves and others.  

We’re going to be trying to support our community of Nuzest users by sharing tips on coping with self isolation, looking after each other and making the best of the times we are living through. We’ll be using our social channels to try and connect and motivate people and hope to be a positive, inspiring voice during difficult times. 

Together we are stronger

Thank you for being part of our Nuzest family. We frequently face many challenges as a community and it always inspires us how we can emerge from these stronger and more resilient. If there is anything we can do to support you during these times please do reach out to us. 

Yours with zest,


Paul Stallard

Managing Director

Nuzest Nutrition UK & Europe

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