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Why we’d love to be cheaper (but are quite proud we aren’t)

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We were so so chuffed to read these amazing words from the extraordinarily thorough Dale in his quest to find the best tasting vegan protein powder.

Whenever we speak to people who love Nuzest, taste and digestibility come up time and time again as the reason why they like using our Clean Lean Protein for their daily nutrition, so it's an honour to have this recognised (and we’re rather impressed with Dale’s method of scoring the brands he reviews). 

We’re pretty proud to be ranked so high on Taste, Nutrition and Mixability and know that all of these factors are underpinned by the quality of our pea protein isolate that forms the base of our entire range. 

We’d love to be ranked well on price too, but if there is one area where we can accept a lower score, it's pricing. Not because we wouldn’t like to be cheaper. We know budgets are tight. We want more and more people to enjoy the benefits of great tasting plant-based nutrition and to be able to use Nuzest in their shakes, smoothies and recipes. 

But, we aren’t prepared to make the compromises that we would have to make, to be able to produce Clean Lean Protein more cheaply. We cost more because we insist on the best approach at every point in the supply chain

We only use golden peas grown on farms in Northern Europe. 

We employ strict growing conditions, rigorous testing regimes, and we don’t use any chemicals to speed up the process of extracting the protein isolate.

We use a slow extraction process to maximise the amount of protein we get from the pea (and leave more of the hard to digest pea powders behind).

We use the finest natural ingredients as flavourings.

We don’t fill out our powders with any thickeners or bulking agents.

And we don’t use any preservatives or other nasties to extend shelf life.

We’re not prepared to compromise on any of those elements. 

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